Swamp Circle, Maryland. Plus One

Swamp Circle

Something of the feel . . .  south county, Anne Arundel, Maryland in May. Driving with the pups on a rainy day. Getting somewhere going nowhere.

Coming to grips with all of these yellow-greens and rain. Not a New Mexico scene.

. . . Adding a companion painting today. Emptying out at ground level. More roiling above. Less sunlight. This is a fairly specific scene, from memory. Different times on a favorite drive. accompanied by wagging tails.

These are relatively small – 20 X 20.” Usually tend to fill to capacity plus of late. This serves for now. Something different next time. I’ve held a Mighty Storm painting in mind for months. Seven out of nine days of (mostly) gentle rain here. This is what results.

2017-03-13 15.55.45


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2 responses to “Swamp Circle, Maryland. Plus One

  1. nolanwinkler

    Carey: Not New Mexico but I am sure you are where you were meant to be. This is absolutely beautiful. Fully resolved and those clouds….WOW. Even the yellow green has won me over. Bravo.

  2. Philip A. Link

    Pleasing in the intersection of personal with observed elements. I look forward to seeing more of this!

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