New Mexico Gallery


“Burst” Click on the photo above for “Carey Paints a Picture” Link

My New Mexico work stands alone. I want to honor it here with a dedicated gallery. New work can be found on the “Maryland Gallery” page

Titles marked * are available for purchase.  See “Shop” for details.
Click on artwork for an enlargement and more information about the piece.

Blanco Verde

Blanco Verde ’15 LoLo Collection

New Year Treeline2

Treeline ’15 Tookey Collection

Danse Orangerie

Danse Orangerie ’14 LP Collection


*Scamp ’14


*Fantasia ’14


*Certain Signs ’13

Dark Star

*Geothermal Dark Star Noel Collection

On the Wall

On the Wall ’14 Dorn Collection


* Grendel. . . 2012-14


Vessel 2014 Noel Collection


* Portal, 2014

Ganges summit

Ganges Summit, 2012-14 Artist’s Collection

Mai Tai

Mai Tai 2013 H&JC Collection


Tabla, 2014 Private Collection


Confection ’13 Jan Collection

PopEx Agave


Hacienda Ruin

Hacienda Ruins ’13 J&D Collection

Hess Terrace

*Hess Terrace ’13


Glyphs ’13 Private Collection

Fall to Winter

*Fall to Winter ’13


Loft ’13 Noel Collection

Agave Defiant

Defiant Agave ’13 Fader Collection

Waiting for Sir Richard

Waiting for Sir Richard, ’13 Sorensen Collection

Treasure Island


Velo 2012 / 2013 J&D Collection

Hidden Hide

Hidden Hide ’12 Private Collection

Hidden Moon

Hidden Moon ’12 Private Collection

Mi Pecho no es Bodega

Mi Pecho no es Bodega 2012 Private Collection


*Halo 2012

Danelectro Tulipa

Danelectro Tulipa Private Collection

Alternative Text

*Dust Storm Artist’s Collection


Fiestagave ’12 H&JC Collection


Jetty Private collection

*Ghostly Gate

*Ghostly Gate

Lanquid Agave

Lanquid Agave Tookey Collection

El Rio

El Rio PM Collection

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit LP Collection

Tangerine Moon Agave

Tangerine Moon Agave RS Collection

Floating World

Floating World JCD Collection

Blue Agave

Blue Agave

Las Conchas Emergence

Las Conchas Emergence SL Collection

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