Maryland Gallery

Maryland Gallery. Please see posts for new work and works in progress.


*Pumpkins on the Vine 40 X 30,” Acrylic on prepared canvas. January/February 4-5 ’23, Shady Side MD.

“Perch” 12 X 36″ Acrylic Paint, Enamel Paint on Paper. Nov. – Dec., ’22

Private Collection

*Title in the Works. Acrylic/Enamel spray paint, Paper, on Canvas. November 6-8, ’22

*Big Oak 30 X 40″ Acrylic and spray-enamel paint, paper, on canvas. October ’22

*Summer Storm, Parrish Creek 60 X 40" Acrylic/Spray Enamel on Unprimed Canvas.

*Title to Come . . . 60 X 40" Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Unprimed Canvas.

*Title to Come 66 X 36″ Acrylic, Spray Enamel on Paper, on raw canvas. Fall 2021/April 2022

*Green Eyed Cat, She Like Salmon in Her Bowl. 40 X 30″ Mixed Media. 3/22/22

*”Decoy” 40 X 30″ Acrylic, Paper Collage, Spray Enamel on Canvas. August 11, 2021, Shady Side, MD.

*Gyre: State of painting July 1. 64 X 40.” Acrylic and spray enamel on canvas.
*Shallows 60 X 30″ Acrylic on Canvas. March-April 2021

* “Schooling” 40 X 30″ Acrylic on Canvas. April/May 2021

Surge . . . 63 X 30″ Acrylic on Canvas. Set aside November ’20, Completed March ’21 Private Collection

*Orca (Silas Says So) 63 X 30″ Acrylic on Canvas. Set Aside November ’20. Completed March ’21

*High-Water @ Cedarhurst Pier 56 X 48″ Acrylic on Unprimed Canvas, September, October, November 2020
* “Rip Rap” 60 X 30″ Acrylic on Un-primed Canvas. August-September, 2020.
*March 22 – 29, 2020. Acrylic and Collage on Canvas. 30 X 20″
*Flora/Fauna/Easter 2020. Acrylic and Collage on Canvas. 40 X 30″
*Aviary May 2020 Acrylic and Collage on Canvas 32 X 22″
*Grasping @ Koi 24.25 X 24.25″ Acrylic, Collage on panel
Cloisonne Bouquet 20 X 30″ Private Collection
*Visitation/Foraging. January 5, 2020. Shadows and Acrylic/Collage on Canvas. 40 X 30.25

 We moved back east to Maryland from New Mexico 2015. It took over a year settling in and finding a home and studio shed before I returned to making painting / collages. A distinction between Maryland and New Mexico is the marked change of seasons. The abundance of acid green foliage in spring is nearly overwhelming visually. And summer into fall of course is wonderful. We are surrounded by water and can feel and see the atmosphere.  We take it all in commuting and Sunday driving with the pups through southern Maryland. See the latest posts for newer work, work in progress and valiant efforts. 


                                *”Dropping Acorns,” acrylic on raw canvas, 41 X 30″ September, 2019

Cat3“Fish, Cat, Accidental Skull, Black Eyed Susans,” 41 X 30″ 4/19 Private Collection.

Paint 7 1 19

*June 30: “Storm, Uplands Pasture, Western Shore”  24 X 24″ Panel

July 19

*July 19, Shady Side, MD. 24 X 24″ Restive panel. Paint and collage. Heat wave. Butterflies in abundance. Night chorus. Watermelon in the shade of the Pin Oak. Gathering black berries for topping a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. Green-eyed cat crouching beneath the hydrangea.


*Blue Oak, Lightning Storm 23 X 25″ on panel. June ’19


*”Marching Orders” Acrylic and collage on Canvas. 24 X 30″ March 2019

img_2760 2

*”Dragonfly” Acrylic and collage on canvas. 24 X 24″ January, 2019


                       *No Title 20 X 20″ January, 2019

Version 2

“Chaff Over Water” 36 X 30″ December, 2016 JD Collection

Chaff Over Water is clearly an abstraction, but personally evokes a storm raging over the hardscape antennae array, at the Naval Research Center facility near Chesapeake Beach.


“Koi Pond” Acrylic/paper on canvas. 24 X 36″ April, 2017. Private Collection


“Storm” [Detail] Private Collection

Swamp Circle*”Swamp Circle 1,” Maryland. 20 x 20″ 2017

 A sod farm located aside Swamp Circle Road near Deal/Churchton, MD. in early spring during and after soft rain. 

2017-03-13 15.55.45

*”Swamp Circle 2,” Maryland. 20 x 20″ 2017


This may have been the first “Maryland” and storm painting, painted after the “Jim” paintings following. I was thinking about a harbor. The battleship form on the lower left quad painted itself, and there it is. D&M G Collection

“Crysalis 2” (below) is a straight up effort to emulate the collage work of my Father and primary artistic influence Jim Crane’s 1960 – 70’s collages. My work often dances around this influence. I decided to just go there.  HC Collection


I am still very drawn to the Maryland landscape. I think that I “internalized” it somewhat in 2017. Newer work is returning to greater abstraction.

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