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High Water, Cedarhurst Pier

High-Water @ Cedarhurst Pier 56 X 48″ Acrylic on Unprimed Canvas, September, October
This May be completed? Need to (try) to sit with it for a few days. Relatively large scale. Like the metaphor of the Chesapeake meeting Rip-Rap: water meets rock (mineral, yet engineered,) atmosphere meets hardscape . . . 

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Rip Rap Redux

Stretcher bars for “Rip Rap” arrived yesterday. Here it is stretched and worked some more. Larger scale than I have been working in recently, 60 X 30″. Also have not worked off of a stretcher to start with for some time. Have another ready to stretch, but stretcher bars are sitting in Pennsylvania.

Hope to have more to share soon.

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Rip-Rap: work in progress 8 4 2020

*Riprap, also known as rip rap, rip-rap, shot rock, rock armor, or rubble, is human-placed rock or other material used to armor shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures against scour and water, wave, or ice erosion.

Yep, *Wikipedia:

One of two larger works, in the works. Thinking of surf encountering “human placed” barriers to “erosion,” and the inherent drama therein.

Crazy day today. tropical storm Isaias’ pounding wind and rain in the morning, blue skies in the afternoon. I’d like to claim this as a tropical storm painting, but it was underway a week ago.

Here is a New Mexico painting “Jetty” that evokes a coastal storm:


Ironically “Jetty” was painted in the desert of southern New Mexico. Further irony is that it was made from a Masonite panel used as backer to route an X-Prize logo when I worked at the New Mexico Museum of Space History, Alamogordo. Here is the logo. It is “upside down” in painting:

Ansari X Prize

Desert, space, surf. Desert space logo as coastal Jetty.


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Juror Choice

One of five Juror Choice awards, MFA Summer Show. Nice.


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More Creatures. Work in progress 7 / 19 / 20

More creatures. Not for everybody. Right for somebody. Used to look like this:

In Progress June 1, 2019


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Work in Progress July 12

Haven’t worked like this for a while. Un-stretched. unprimed canvas. Stretched it’ll be about 60 X 30″ and look something like this:

I will work back into it once it is stretched and sealed. Time to roll it up for now.

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A Time to Show

Still Life with Potted Plant 48 X 30″

Jo Fleming Contemporary Gallery is open! I have five works on view. A few of these will be familiar to patrons of the Unsettled Gallery in Las Cruces. Fish, Cat, Accidental Skull, Black Eyed Susans was painted here in Shady Side last August. It has found a new home in Boston. Thanks to Jo for the opportunity to show in her wonderful gallery.

Burst 36 X 36″

Scamp 29 X 24″
Fish, Cat, Accidental Skull, Black Eyed Susan 41 X 30″
Cloisonne Bouquet 20 X 30

Jo Fleming Contemporary Gallery is open! Hours: Wed – Sat, noon – 5pm.

Contact Jo Fleming (703)989-9043 with inquiries.

Address: 68 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA


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Jo Fleming Contemporary Art, Annapolis, Maryland

On March 16th, I delivered five painting/collages to Jo Fleming’s art gallery in Annapolis Maryland. I’ve wanted to share this, but something came up. The show has yet to open. Given what so many people are going though, this is insignificant.

Recently Jo Moved two of my pieces to the front window, so they are in a sense making their gallery debut via Maryland Avenue near the State House and I am posting it here. Thank you Jo for for showing my work, and thank you Maryland Federation of Art for introducing us. And thank you for checking in. Take care everyone.


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The Structure of Complex Images Book Illustration

I am so pleased that I was invited to provide an illustration for the book cover of my Friend Robert B. Ray’s latest book The Structure of Complex Images. Here:

Robert has asked me to make brush & ink, pictographic images for a few projects over the years. Thanks Robert, for enriching life for me and so many others.

A shout out to Rachel Reese for making the art print-ready.

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Aviary and Koi

Aviary 32 X 22″ Acrylic on Unprimed Canvas, Collage

Aviary, March 22 – 25. In progress? Relative restraint and

muted palette after . . .

Grasping @ Koi 24.25 X 24.25″ Acrylic, Collage on panel

Grasping @ Koi, March 20 – 21.

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Fauna/Flora Easter

Untitled as yet. 40 X 30. Acrylic on raw, then sealed & painted canvas with collage.

I don’t generally paint in series, (click “series” or see previous post) but these are different times. Above finished(?) yesterday afternoon 4/11/20. There’s a back story to these bird/plant chimeras for some other day.

Untitled as yet. 24 X 20.5. Acrylic and collage on panel.

This painting was completed just before the painting/collage above. The Amaryllis that is blooming in the dining room is making a grand appearance here as well and is morphing into fauna above. The cadmium red is also about the cardinals visiting our feeders in their new spring plumage. Take care.

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March 22 – 29

Acrylic and Collage on Canvas 30 X 20

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