Here Abouts

Version 2

I have been reworking and revisiting this one for weeks. Don’t know . . . not ready for the “Gallery” yet, but have a look.  Unruly – winter into spring during eventful days. 4/23/17


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One response to “Here Abouts

  1. Raul

    Cool man! really good to see you working again. I think this one’s almost there, or maybe even past there. I’d call it Spring Ascension. I see the lime green of Springs early vegetation, sheep out in the field (lower right side), and clouds and then the ladder suggestion. It might need a more dominant focal point of weight. Then maybe deemphasize the paper rectangle above the ladder, integrating it more so into the composition, or maybe even emphasizing it more as an opening. Maybe the black lines could be claified as the visual activity that unifies the composition, getting away from the more overall fogginess. Just some quick random musings. Best – R

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