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Aspirational Quote: “That is what it means to be an artist – to seize this essence brooding everywhere in everything, just behind aspect.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Wil Talk Interview

Artist Biography

Carey Crane grew up near Tampa Bay during one of his father’s most prolific periods as a collagist/painter, cartoonist, and professor of art. By inhabiting the home studio, Carey observed the versatility of acrylic paints and mediums, and witnessed an improvisational approach to art – painting as a “conversation” with emerging forms.

Carey’s early interest in cartooning and illustration led to drawing, writing, and production for student newspapers. Intending to pursue journalism at the University of Florida, he was soon immersed in studio programs. Carey studied with Hiram Williams, master of painterly figurative-abstraction. William’s painting-as-performance encouraged an approach driven by a personal visual “vocabulary” of forms.

After earning his BFA in 1982, Carey worked for a start-up exhibits company and at the Florida Museum of Natural History, learning to craft exhibits – creating naturalistic dioramas, scale models, and environments. Applying art and design to exhibit fabrication became his career.Place is essential to Carey’s expressive art as revealed by painting/collages created in Florida, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and southern New Mexico. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, 2010, he began painting and collaging with a renewed commitment, compelled by the magnificent High Desert and a community of artists. Today, Carey is Curator of Exhibits at a popular southern Maryland museum. Painting in Shady Side, neighboring the Chesapeake, resonates with his artistic roots along Tampa Bay.

Artist’s Statement

I often begin my work with loosely drawn arabesque figures in flowing acrylic paint or charcoal drawing over washes of color. I initially work spontaneously. Shapes become characters – actors interacting in painterly, atmospheric fields. Collage, impasto paint and mediums, drawing, spray paint and washes of color integrate and delineate forms. I prefer to begin work outdoors and often spend days working outside when weather permits. Outside, I initiate gestural work freely, and awareness of the day and season influences the picture.

I look to art for a direct experience. I revel in the drag, the smear, the splash and flow of liquid color, in the physicality of collage. Materials assert themselves and interact with one another, as if in conversation. This conversation directs the next step in the process. A completed work may suggest an approach to subsequent painting/collages. A successive work is likely to be an assertive counter-point to the previous piece, rather than a close variation in a series. At times I will use a small “passage” of a previous work as a starting point for a new painting/collage. The painting process inevitably leads the former fragment in a new direction.

My abstract artwork is rarely intended to convey a message, but often evokes surprisingly specific narrative responses from viewers. I am sometimes startled to discover unintended figurative, pictographic imagery in my work that absolutely relates to my museum work projects or things encountered in day-to-day life. I believe that artistic abstraction can serve a function similar to dreaming, reconciling otherwise unrelated observations.


Las Cruces Magazine, Fall/Winter Edition, 2014-2015

Juvenalia: Artist Circa 1965

Solo and Group Exhibits since 2010


Jo Fleming Contemporary Art (Annapolis)

“Coastal Abstractions”

September 24 – November 26, 2022


TISH Fine Art (Chestertown)
“Red, Tish, and Blue” July
Jo Fleming Contemporary Art (Annapolis)
“Watermarks” July – August
Circle GalleryJuried  Spring Exhibition
Maryland Federation of Art (MFA)
Circle Gallery Juried Summer Exhibition
Maryland Federation of Art (MFA)
May Flowers
Jo Fleming Contemporary Gallery
Annapolis, Maryland
MFA @ Ocean City
Maryland Federation of Art (MFA)
Juror Elizabeth Kauffman
Stormy Weather, 2019


Juried, Online Exhibit
Landscapes Unleashed Group Exhibit
January, February
Unsettled Gallery
Las Cruces New Mexico 
MFA Winter Member Show
Juried Group Exhibit
Circle Gallery – MFA
Annapolis, NM
2015 – 2017
Relocated from New Mexico to Maryland
Hiatus from Exhibiting
New Maryland work created in 2016 – 2017
Shared Main Gallery with Nolan Winkler
RioBravoFineArt – April, May
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Certain Signs
One Person Show – March, April
Unsettled Gallery
ab-strack-shun Group Exhibit
May, June
Unsettled Gallery
Time Divides
One Person Show – March, April
Unsettled Gallery
One Person Show – March April
Unsettled Gallery
Carey Crane and Deborah Welch Prickett
Two Person Show – January
Tombaugh Art Gallery