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Joan Mitchell, Revealed and Obscured

Joan Mitchell, Revealed and Obscured

Joan Mitchell Untitled, ca. 1961. Oil on Canvas 118 1/8 X 78 1/4″ Clown for scale.

After ~two years delay, we were finally able to visit the Joan Mitchell exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art on Friday. I have been a Mitchell fan since Robert R. recommended the book “New Art City” some years ago and I had to know more.

You must see this exhibit if you love free flowing, painterly abstraction. Informative labels, and chronological gallery panels and well selected ephemera for context, with some video. Terrific book published to “accompany” the exhibit, edited by Sarah Roberts and Katy Siegel. Full of color plates. Have not delved into the text much, but I am looking forward to it. Joy.

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Lamp Ice

Greetings from the Frozen North of the Mid-Atlantic. Just wanted to check in. Today is a Snow Day and I’ve taken advantage by finally completing an art supply order I’ve been meaning to get to. This order is stretcher bar heavy with some new paints included. Loving the Golden Titian Green Pale these days, or Vert de Titane Clair if you prefer. Why not?

The stretchers will finally allow me to stretch up the canvases that you may have seen in “recent” posts. I have started to work the larger canvases un-sized and off-stretcher. Once they are stretched, I will work back into them, seal, and overlay some more paint.

Also have a 40 X 30 that is promising, promising, always with the promising. Doing some work inside, but really looking forward to a break in the weather to work outdoors unfettered.


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Dropping Acorns

Dropping Acorns, acrylic on raw canvas, 41 X 30″ September, 2019

Work in Progress. Painted this last September weekend outside, under the canning shed oak tree.

Koi Pond with Sweetgum Leaf (post below) was purchased in MFA, Ocean City exhibit. Good news. Art supplies!

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