Departure, slight return? 20 X 20,” January 2022. I closed down Dad and Heidi’s studio and returned home to Shady Side with some art materials, including small pre-stetched and gessoed canvas and block-printed papers. The form reminds me of some of Dad’s ( Jim Crane) artwork – less “arabesque” than typical of my “Agave” paintings. Pressed relief very Jim Crane. Color very Carey.

Closing the Jim and Heidi Crane’s studio, Treasure Island, Fla.:

The Crane’s Studio. Large canvases on the right by Marion Beckett. “Rondos” in background Jim Cranes. Barbara Thompson print in foreground.

Next up is a collage that I “finished” a few years back after moving to Shady Side. Considerably reworked December/January with block print papers from Dad and Heidi. 36 X 24″ “Memory Book”:

A Change here is using block-printed papers. My practice is to use unpigmented, pattern papers. Making exception here with print paper pre-faded in the Florida sun. Should hold up. Reminds me of an old illuminated manuscript or memory book.

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