Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: While straightening up in the garage recently, I came upon a number of photographic prints (!) of my painting/collages. These are mostly from North Carolina years, circa mid-to-late 1990s, living near Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and later, Asheboro. Some of these will be posted on the “archive” page where pre-Hecho en Nuevo Mexico art resides.

Above: 24 X 48 panel. Mostly collaged fabric and paper. It has a nice depth and “glow” in the actual piece as I recall.

24 X 24″ Panel. Fabric and paper collage. Maybe some modeling paste and India ink. Notable for plant forms based on picture plants. These forms later morphed into Sweetgum tree leaves (after cutting out hundreds of silk leaves for a museum project) and eventually into “Agave” forms in New Mexico years.

This is a small panel collage with silver leaf and papers. I like the (for then) less-characteristic earth tones. This would be late 90’s Pittsboro from the rented neon-factory studio shortly before the move to Washington, DC.

I think that F & L still have this one? Acrylic and enamel spray paint on canvas with fabric collage. After-the-fact, I see a jovial little fellow dancing through a jungle in a top hat. Made during North Carolina Zoological Park / Ramsuer years.

“Pagoda.” Oldest in the bunch. ~36 X 24″ paint on canvas, some collage. From un-cropped photo I see that this in leaning up again the barn-house off 15-501 surrounded by cow pastures and woods. Bucolic. I imagine that the land supports a subdivision now.

Bonus photo, much later. From New Mexico shortly before the move to Maryland. 30 x 30″? Acrylic and spray enamel paint on canvas. I left this one behind and I can’t say why. I like it now, and brought others that I am not as fond of. It is just hard to judge one’s own work when it is relatively fresh I suppose.

Another bonus – “Blanco Verde” ’15 in situ. a New Mexico collage/painting. A personal favorite. Seems like it came from a “good place.” It looks happy here in L’s house.

Getting warm enough on some days to work large canvases outside again. Hope to “see” you in a few weeks with new 2021 and continuing work. Think I may collage some fabrics . . .

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  1. nolanwinkler

    Love that Blanco one at the bottom, too.

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