Merry Chrysalis

Chrysalis: Jim Crane, Carey Crane
Book Cover Art crop, November 2019

Hello Friends, I worked on a book cover in November. The author asked for a simple calligraphic ideogram befitting the book’s subject. I am attaching a section of it here. I will print the full cover when it is published.

The top image is of my collage painting Chrysalis on the right next to the inspiration (along with some of his other collages of the ’60s,) my Father’s collage of the same name. When I was recently visiting family in Florida, I really wanted to see them together. I sent my collage down to Treasure Island last week where they are both well loved. Can’t wait to see them next trip.

New art supplies are stocked, and I’m looking forward to painting in December/January. Purchased a larger heater yesterday that will make the canning shed/winter studio much cozier. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

By Crane the Elder: “Chrysalis ” circa ’66

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