July, Shady Side

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July, Shady side, MD. 24 X 24″ restive panel. Paint and collage.

Heat wave. Butterflies in abundance. Night chorus. Watermelon in the shade of the Pin Oak. Gathering black berries for topping a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. Green-eyed cat crouching beneath the hydrangea.


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3 responses to “July, Shady Side

  1. Jean Wilkey

    I love the colors in this and the repeating shapes. Beautiful!

    • Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback. Just getting my footing here in Maryland. Starting to pick up some shows through Maryland Federation of Art. Expect to show with Catherine in 2020. I appreciated Las Cruces, Unsettled, and the inspiration of an art community, but not fully. Glad that you have a space in town. How’s it going? Carey

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