A Way Forward and Back?

img_2760 2

No Title Yet. Acrylic and collage on canvas. 24 X 24″

Intent on achieving a “lighter hand” and feel here, and avoiding overworking the piece. Still lots of painterly brush strokes, but building transparent layers and limiting the palette. Also using a broader brush.

For  the web-like pattering, I draped and removed wetted Melook lace paper that I had dipped in a thinned mixed purple acrylic. Once dried, the paper was used for the purple collage elements.  (I tend to use acrylic color stains on un-dyed papers to minimize color fading or discoloration over time. Otherwise strange and unintended consequences may ensue.)

The palette and transparent layering are in part a response to our potted dwarf banana plant leaves as they transition from green to yellow to brown.

The overall approach and central form is reminiscent of some work from the late 1990’s:


This form in the lower third of this earlier work predates the “Agaves” I was painting while living in New Mexico.

It was made when I was living in North Carolina a few hours south of where we live now in Maryland. Probably something to the commonality.

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