I’m posting  “HIdden Hide”  out of chronological sequence. I completed it about a year ago. I was not going to include it in my l”Time Divides” show at the Unsettled because it did not seem  to “fit.” It is methodical. It is based on a grid. It is “cooler” and more “Pop Art.” Raul Dorn convinced me to include it during the install in the Unsettled Gallery’s small side gallery. As it turned out several artists said that this was their favorite work in the show. Go figure. What do you think? HIdden Hide is in the collection of Gabriel Luis Perez  Check out his amazing new work work at: http://www.gabrielluisperez.com




Above is a (finished?) new painting/collage sparked by a painting/drawing of Nolan Winkler’s:


Also based on a Mexican Corbel, carved motifs repeated in the lower portion. There is some “Hidden Hide” in here. It occurs to me that I was born on the cusp of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. AbEx and Pop are often presented as being in opposition, but I obviously embrace them both. CC

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  1. Hidden Hide is a beautiful piece! I am glad Raul convinced you to put it up but totally agree it would have looked odd IN the show. I am not a big Pop Art fan and your addition of AbEx makes it so much more palatable.

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