High Desert Work

Work for the “Wide Bay, High Desert” project will ship soon. I’ll post what I’ve been working  on for this exchange in a few weeks. Here is one example:

agave night

You can see yucca blossoms above the agave. Some hybrid, or the agave in foreground? No matter. The mountain contour in the background below the clouds are the Organ Mountains as visible from our front yard.

I’m including a second painting here from long ago:

Title Unknown

I  find no notations on this one, but recall that it was painted in North Carolina, probably early ’90s. I rediscovered this on a trip to see the Fam in St. Petersburg in April. Dudley DeGroot called this my Anasazi painting. I can imagine a ladder leaning into a black sun-symbol here. The sun is certainly a precursor to the agaves. Might have to revisit this form. This painting really does seem to foretell a move to New Mexico in 2005 to me now.  I had no idea.


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2 responses to “High Desert Work

  1. Stephanie Long

    Looks Good!!


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