December again . . . I have not posted new work since the Convergence show opened last March, but I have been at it. Posting one here, working title “Sparrows,” completed (?) a couple of weeks ago. It was not by intention, but winter vines in our side yard look very like “Sparrows.” Sparrows feast on winter vine seedpods.


November was a productive, style-diverse art month with collage/paintings ranging from spare to Sparrows. I also cradled works on panels over Thanksgiving break, which sounds more poetical (or strange?) than it is.

Looking forward to a show at the “Unsettled” Gallery in March. Thinking of titles to sum it all up. Or some it all up. I’ll let you know.

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  1. Raul

    Slowly slowly as I come up from under the pace and demands of teaching do I begin to recognize another voice that is my own. I checked out the Sparrows piece some time back, and really enjoy it. I’m always interested in how others can tap into their immediate environment, that which is around them daily, and find something sacred and compelling. There is so much in this work that is about movement and path, like the calligraphic strokes mimicking the sparrows movements. It is very centered, which promotes a “pulling in” sense, but it’s almost too centered for my gut. As always, I appreciate your sense of color and texture variety. Sometimes I think you need to get a larger space to work and try painting bigger than yourself – this has drawbacks built in, such as “who has space/money for this scale of work”, but I think your work would open up and punch you in the face and swallow you up like a Pollock or deKooning does. Looking forward to the show. Best, Raul

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