Links to Friends

Check out the work of friends and compatriots.

In no particular order other than Jim Crane and Hiram Williams.

Jim Crane My artistic foundation.

Hiram Williams  My Captain. Woefully underrepresented on the internet.

Sammy Peters Makes my eyes dance and vibrate. Delightful. Don’t miss the icon, upper left, Home Page. See this!

Raul Dorn An Inspiration.

Adrienne Williams Opposing forces of motion and stillness in landscapes

Nolan Winkler A bird does not sing because it has something to say. It sings because it has a song.Chinese Proverb? Joan Walsh Anglund?

Walter’s Dogs  Cool cat with a loopy hand and a rock’n band. Writer of Song. Musician. Painter of Dogs. Skier. Walter Salas-Humara.

Eleanor Ray Small-scale monumental.

Lauren Ivey Exquisite oils.

John Eder Mad-genius super-heightened-psiloscene-like imagery. Bigly.

Joanna Bradley at FishFoot Graphic Design  Joanna is a gifted graphic designer you can work with and a hoot to boot. Dude!

Bill Perry Heart-on-sleeve humor with a wicked undertow. Funky.

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