“Certain Signs” Installation

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“Certain Signs” Opening

“Certain signs” Opening, Unsettled Gallery, March 8th, 2014





IMG_1042 - Version 2


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Unsettled 2014

Card14UG copy

Next Show 2014: Unsettled Gallery. Details, news and website updates soon . . .

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Crane the Elder


January, 2014 – I traveled to St. Petersburg, Florida this last week to see family and work on a web site illustrating the Art of my great friend, mentor and Father Jim Crane. This project promises to be a work in process for some time to come, but please check out our progress at jimcraneart.com

'80s PopTop'80sDemonPntg

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2014 Almost Here!

2014 is nearly here! I have not posted new work since September I believe. H and I knew that October would be a roller coaster and that I’d be taking a painting hiatus for the month. We had no idea . . .  There was some consistency to my last-posted work. Not so sure thereafter. Please comment if you wish.

Here are a few images, some in progress (?) to catch us up for 2013. All more or less chronological.

The first one was actually started in October and worked through November. October. Roller coaster.


Next up is provisionally titled “pachinko.”


I have no idea. Mid-Century Modern. Or earlier.


Mid to Late November. Winter in the air. A different mood altogether.


Lightening and brightening back up but balanced. Some restraint, is not in bottom color psychedelic album cover?

I used some vinyl letter “weedings” for masking. Old wooden letter set stamps too. Hadn’t thought about that . . .


H suggested a calligraphic one . . . Wintery mix. Finished?


I was working on this an hour ago. Near finished I think. Combining elements from just previous works.


Shows coming up in March and April-May 2014. Getting busy. See you soon.


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Jim Crane Cartoon Retrospective

Jim Crane

Father, Friend, and Artistic Mentor Jim Crane is having a retrospective of his cartoon work. The opening is this Sunday, October 20th, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Special thanks to Arthur Skinner. Click on the poster for details.

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I’m posting  “HIdden Hide”  out of chronological sequence. I completed it about a year ago. I was not going to include it in my l”Time Divides” show at the Unsettled because it did not seem  to “fit.” It is methodical. It is based on a grid. It is “cooler” and more “Pop Art.” Raul Dorn convinced me to include it during the install in the Unsettled Gallery’s small side gallery. As it turned out several artists said that this was their favorite work in the show. Go figure. What do you think? HIdden Hide is in the collection of Gabriel Luis Perez  Check out his amazing new work work at: http://www.gabrielluisperez.com




Above is a (finished?) new painting/collage sparked by a painting/drawing of Nolan Winkler’s:


Also based on a Mexican Corbel, carved motifs repeated in the lower portion. There is some “Hidden Hide” in here. It occurs to me that I was born on the cusp of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. AbEx and Pop are often presented as being in opposition, but I obviously embrace them both. CC

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