This page is in the works. The “Portfolio” page has become “New Mexico.” The New Mexico work stands alone. I want to honor that body of work and mark the change in life and art moving back east in 2015. I took over a year settling in before to returning to making painting/collages. If there is a common distinction Maryland vs. New Mexico, I believe that it is the marked demarcation in changing seasons . . . and the amount of time that we spend commuting and Sunday driving with the pups through southern Maryland. 


Version 2

This painting is clearly an abstraction, but personally evokes a storm raging over the hardscape antennae array, at the Naval Research Center facility near Chesapeake Beach.

Swamp Circle

Swamp Circle, Maryland. 20 x 20″ 2017

I’ve painted stormy land and cloud scape abstractions on and off over the years. These Maryland iterations are in part inspired by seeing an advert for a show themed “Stormy Weather” shortly after we moved here, and of course the start contrast between New Mexico and Maryland. I make art out side, but am not a a proper En Plein Air painter. I work from memory. That said, “Swamp Circle and the painting following reference a very specific location: a sod farm located aside Swamp Circle Road near Deal/Churchton, MD. in early spring during and after soft rain. 

2017-03-13 15.55.45

This is a restrained painting for me. I love the akin approach of “Tonalismbut tend to fill every space with incident in my own efforts. 


This may have been the first “Maryland” and storm painting, painted after the “Jim” paintings following. I was thinking about a harbor. The battleship form on the lower left quad painted itself, and there it is.

CHRY EXP“Crysalis 2” is a straight up effort to emulate the collage work of my Father and primary artistic influence Jim Crane’s 1960 – 70’s collages. My work often dances around this influence. I decided to just go there. 

And Crysalis 2, Second State . . . 




2017-07-08 15.28.42 (1)

The last painting of early fall. Somehow about the weather and animatronic meteorologists. I cant always see how my work relates over months, but Walter says that they are all “Carey Cranes.” So they are. 

I’ll add to this page as we go. Work and progress or work that I have not yet decide to include here can be found on the blog pages, “Recent News,” Home Page.