Shipwreck with Trout?

64 X 30″? Acrylic on Canvas w/Spray Enamel Work in progress March 28/21

This is a new work in progress in what is has become a “Watery” series after a suggestion from a Friend. I like to get some structure into the fluidity. This one makes me think of a shipwreck. My new phone has a feature called “Lens” on it that selects similar images from the web. First image up is “Feeding Frenzy with Trout. I can see that.

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One response to “Shipwreck with Trout?

  1. Raul

    Hey man, I miss our very occasional yet slightly magical get togethers and seeing a small glass of whiskey in your hand, plus you’re a good painter. I see that it is a work in progress, and I think it does need some more distinct passages/lines with a bit more saturation or dip in shade. I like that it’s so large as well, as water speaks in broader and grander terms when given the space. I think of Monet’s presentation at MOMA, of those long curved-in walls that enable you to be more fully present, at last more visually present. Pull the curtain back on this one, because right about now it’s natural to tense up, become more cautious, that’s the way it is for me, often. I’m reassured in the continuum of your style (kind of hate that word though) but your “way” of working, flat and outdoors and the consistent level of excellent work you make. After so much changing around us, water is water, but more of it seems to leak out of us these terrible days.

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