Work in Progress, May 19

Work in progress, 36 X 24

New to CranePaints? Check out the New Mexico and Maryland galleries.


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5 responses to “Work in Progress, May 19

  1. Raul Dorn

    So cool! Hey, I’ve been so super busy with all that life offers me lately, but once school is out (this week) I’ll write ya a long letter and catch you up on everything. I miss ya buddy! – Raul

  2. Nice. I like the colors and the movement.

    • Hey! Got your email. I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to!? Will write you this week. Carey

    • Oh, about the painting. Too much pastel for Heather. She want me to try more “pure” color. Pastels seem appropriate to the atmosphere here in spring/summer. Really, it is a wonder that I am not painting all green paintings. Almost overwhelming after ten years in NM.

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