2010, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Blue Agave

Blue Agave

Las Cruces, NM, Late summer, 2010
Acrylic/collage/enamel on panel, 24 x 48”
Purchased from the Tombaugh Gallery in January 2011
“Wherein the agave becomes the storm”



An early supporter of my Las Cruces work is downsizing and wants to find a new home for “Blue Agave.” This painting is an early “Agave” work, with lots of New Mexico spirit in its free brushwork. It is instructive me to look back to see that my recent use of greens and oranges is not purely a reflection of Maryland.

Blue Agave is available from Catherine at the Unsettled Gallery:

Unsettled Gallery hours: Wed, noon to 5; Thur & Fri, 10 to 5; Sat, 10 to 4. Other days and times by appointment.

Contact information: 575-635-2285; u@unsettledgallery.com

Gallery address: 905 North Mesquite Street (one block south of Spruce)


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