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Redux, New Years Day, 2019

I have been revisiting the same landscape painting over the last year, results being that it has certainly not been improved upon since a couple of days after it was started.


Early and Best Stage of Landscape Before Compulsive Overworking

Last week, I decided to attempt the Dorn Method of revitalization:

When I left Las Cruces, I invited Raul [Dorn] to paint over several canvases that I just never felt were successful, and that I didn’t want to schlep across the country.

[Raul] “I did hit on something when painting over them, as the process was stimulated by having a visual history/engagement to work with and not that intimidating void of blank canvas etc. I created about three paintings over [Carey’s] work, in oils, that in the end left some of [his] imagery peeking through. I dug what was happening and felt that the pieces deserved some “remnants” of [Carey’s] layered short brush strokes here and there. . . . I couldn’t get myself to cover 100% of the reclaimed canvases.”


Raul Dorn Shaman’s Incantation, 2018           w/C Crane underpainting

So, following Raul’s lead I Used white paint to over-paint, leaving remnants of the landscape. Me being me, I then repopulated most of that white space with “layered brushstrokes. . . ”

I appreciate that Raul’s reworking invited quiet spaces for the eye to meander with strong graphic elements to unify the whole. I capitulated to my own compulsive marking and layering. I will sit with resulting (below) for a few days. If nothing else this was a good reintroduction in following a process without a lot of forethought.

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Bonus Image: Carly in vain attempt to guard against overworking a landscape


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  1. Stephanie Long

    Happy New Year!

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